Friday, July 24, 2009

Balearica Playlist 7/23/2009

Here's the playlist for Balearica on 7/23/2009. This week's show was in tribute to space, in honor of the 40th anniversary of landing on the moon (probably).

Return To Forever - After The Cosmic Rain
Moon Birds - Fly In The Night
Frank Zappa - Inca Roads
Billy Preston - Outa-Space
Mandre - Solar Flight
Asha Puthli - Space Walk
Boney M - Night Flight To Venus
Slave - Stellar Fungk
Soul Shack - Galactic Force
ORS - Moon Boots
Constellation Orchestra - Cosmic Melody
Slick - Space Bass
Munich Machine - Space Warrior
The Mike Theodore Orchestra - Cosmic Wind
The New York Gang - Let's Rockett
Daniel Wang - Thousand Mirror Moon
Moxie Edits - Willie On Mars
Baby's Gang - Challenger
Hyperdrama C.L.U.B. - Cosmic Radiation
Zazu - Captain Starlight
Daniel Wang - Mylar Beat
Daniel Wang - Let's Go To Mars (layered with excerpts from the recording Man On The Moon)
Moon Birds - Cosmo N 1
Charlie - Spacer Woman
Space - Tango In Space (layered with excerpts from the recording Man On The Moon)
Ganymed - Hyperspace

You can tune into Balearica every Thursday 12-2:30pm EST on WMUA 91.1FM, you can also listen online at www.wmua.org.

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