Monday, December 13, 2010

Macho City Playlist 10/13/10

Here's the playlist for Macho City on 10/13/2010.

ELO - Prologue
William Stuckey - Disco Fly
Yoko Ono - Walking On Thin Ice (in remembrance of John Lennon's 70th birthday)

(For the rest of the show I recreated my performance at the Valley Advocate's Grand Band Slam)

Jimi Hendrix - If 6 was 9
Supermax - Push Push (Sexy Chocolate Girl)
Milk and Honey - Long Journey
Massara - Margherita (Django the Bastard edit)
Prince Language - Yo Son
Sapho - Carmel
Gary Low - La Colegiala
RAF - Self Control
Angela - I Gotta Little Love
Donald Bumps - Nah, That's Hot Man
Empire Projecting Penny - Freakman
Frank Zappa - Inca Roads
TBD - Get To My Baby
Panama - Long Train Running
Glenn Ellis - Lift You Right On Up
Toshiki Kadomatsu - Tokyo Tower
Muriel Dacq - Tropique
Up Front - Infatuation
The Illusion - Did You See Her Eyes
Steve Miller Band - Fly Like an Eagle
Steve Miller Band - Macho City

Macho City airs every Wednesday 6-8PM EST on WMUA 91.1FM. You can also listen online at www.wmua.org.

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