Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Macho City Playlist 3/9/11

Here's the playlist for Macho City on 3/9/2011.

ELO - Prologue
William Stuckey - Disco Fly
Dr. John - Snake Eyes
Cold Blood - Shop Talk
Ju-Par Universal Orchestra - Flute Salad

Moe Koffman - Curried Sole
Gary Toms Empire - 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Williams Brothers - I Feel Good
Choice Four - Come Down To Earth
Gino Soccio - It's All Right
Harvey Mason - Groovin' You
Golden Avatar - A Time For Going Home

Claude Larson - Mosquito
Charmaine Ford - What You Won't Do For Love
Duke - Is It Groovy Now
Push - The Wave
Barbara Norris - It's Heavy (dub)
Lafleur - Dub Till We Drop (Disconet mix)
Supermax - African Blood
Pussycat - Le Chat
Modern Dancable Music Company - How About It
Plastic Mode - Baja Imperial
Baby's Gang - Jammin'
Min He Kyong - ???
Stevie Woods - Just Can't Win 'Em All
Randy Crawford - You Might Need Somebody
Steve Miller Band - Macho City

Macho City airs every Wednesday 6-8PM EST on WMUA 91.1FM. You can also listen online at www.wmua.org.

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oyog said...

So I don't know if I can reach you this way.

I tried to catch Macho City whenever I could while I lived in Amherst and Chicopee.

Do you still DJ? If so, is there a webcast I can follow?

At some point I think there was an episode that you played quite a bit of Indian funk. I'm not sure how to find the bands or songs you played. Can you suggest some fantastic Indian funk?