Sunday, February 6, 2011

Macho City and Journey To Tyme Playlist 12/15/10

This week DJ Shpank came on Macho City to play some of his remixes and preview his brand new mixes for Ace Of Base. Check out Shpank at www.shpank.com. Here's the playlist for Macho City on 12/15/2010.

ELO - Prologue
William Stuckey - Disco Fly
Cerrone - Rocket In The Pocket
Kraan - Let's Take A Ride
Escort - Cocaine Blues

Slave - You Can Slide With Me Till Morning (Andrew Allsgood Edit)
Higamos Hogamos - The Illumanoids

(Shpank and I talk about his mixes while the following tracks are interspersed)

Ace Of Bass - Wheel Of Fortune 2009 (Shpank's High Style Radio Mix)
Carol Hahn - Come Be My Lover (Shpank's Pretty n Pop Mix)
Mariah Carey - I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time
Ace Of Base - All For You (Shpank's Main Radio Mix)
Ace Of Base - The Sign (Shpank's Rough Mix)
Ryan Leech - For a Little While (Shpank's Bounce House Mix)
Alayne Faraone - Toyland
Roisin Murphy - Momma's Place (Shpank's Bounce House Radio Mix)
Carol Hahn - Let Me Go (Shpank's Main Radio Edit)
Carol Hahn - Into The Night (Shpank's Big Room Radio Stomper)
B52s - Funplex (Shpank's Radio Anthem)
Ace Of Bass - All For You (Shpank's Rough Mix)
Steve Miller Band - Macho City

Macho City airs every Wednesday 6-8PM EST on WMUA 91.1FM. You can also listen online at www.wmua.org.

For the winter break I am filling in for WMUA's rock block, and bringing back my rock show Journey To Tyme. Here's the playlist for Journey To Tyme on 12/15/2010.

Spectre - Arkham
13th Floor Elevators - Slip Inside This House
The Illusion - Did You See Her Eyes
Blue Cheer - Fruit and Icebergs

Jimi Hendrix - Machine Gun
Frank Zappa - Don't Eat the Yellow Snow
Frank Zappa - Nanook Rubs It
Pegasus - Fire
Dick Dale - The Wedge
Amboy Dukes - Baby Please Don't Go
Zounds - Fear
Cyclub - Pro Connector

Essential Logic - Hiss And Shake
Deep Purple - Chasing Shadows
Jesus - L'Electrocute
Santana - You Just Don't Care
Chicago - I'm A Man
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Dia De Los Muertos
Carmen - Schlaraffenland
International Noise Conspiracy - Smash It Up
The Hives - B Is For Brutus
Rolling Stones - Live With Me
Damned - Stab Your Back
Teengenerate - My GTO

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